None-Rotating HangerLiner

The Non-Rotating Hydraulic Set Liner Hanger is cost effective, medium duty hanger ideal for deviated or horizontal wells. Non Rotating hydraulic hanger is set hydraulically by applying pressure through the running string. A setting ball is circulated to a ball seat built in the landing collar and pressure is applied, which acts on the internal piston, moving slips up the cone to the set position.

The piston seals are made of glass-filled Teflon suitable for HPHT environment. A high quality AISI 4140 alloy hydraulic cylinder is used to provide high burst/collapse rating to meet customer’s requirement. The Hanger provides full bypass in the set position during cementing operations. The hydraulic cylinder is safety pinned to actuate at a predetermined setting force. The hanger body is furnished with standard API 5CT materials.

With end connections in compliance to API standards or any premium threads as per the customer’s requirement.

NOTE: Materials suited for H2S or CO2 service are available on request.


  • Multi-cone design provides maximum bypass
  • No pipe manipulation required to set
  • Hanger sets with applied hydraulic
  • Premium Teflon seals for HPHT
  • Large slip area supports long/heavy liner
  • Shear mechanism pretested for down-hole
  • Ideal for highly deviated or horizontal


  • Non Rotational Hydraulic Liner Hanger is used to hang a liner in a well without rotating the work string.
  • Case off open hole more rapidly and
  • Deepening of old
  • Drilling with tapered drill
  • To accomplish a sidetrack from vertical
  • Testing of lower zone of new well before plugging back to primary
  • Flexibility to place slotted liner in open hole or horizontal wells.