Flex-GRIP Liner Hanger

Molded seal Hydraulic Liner Hanger with integrated packer of FLEX-GRIP series is a unique Hanger system ideal for cemented liner application, built on a single-piece mandrel without any internal connection resulting in elimination of potential leak paths.


  • Equipped with anti-preset feature at both top and bottom of hanger avoiding premature setting of the liner hanger.
  • The bypass area of Hanger remains same before and after hanger setting which provides uniform circulation rate. The hanger is equipped with Bonded Seal Element with special expandable metal suitable for HPHT environment. These Hangers are ideal for highly deviated and horizontal wells and can also be used for Hydro-Frac job sustaining high pressure and temperature.


  • Unique Slip Design-Specially designed pocket slips provides high load capacity and exerts uniform load on the casing minimizing the casing damages.
  • Integrity of Liner Remains Same– Burst and collapse rating of the cylinder is equivalent to the rating of liner.
  • Expandable Metal Bonded Element– This type of element provides high running in speed while minimizing the effect of swabbing.
  • Improve Cementing Operation– Rotating version available improves the cement integrity by providing rotation during cementing operation.
  • Protected Slips– While running in, the hanger slips are mechanically contained under tool OD and protected in the Cone.
  • Large Circulation Area– The flutes located in the slip and cone    offers large circulation area.